The Waterford Cocktail Collection Lets You Drink Like Don Draper

Ideal for celebrating the show’s end (or sipping that mid-morning Manhattan).

Mad Men is set to take its boozy final bow this spring. Given the show’s staple vice, it seems like drinking is the best salute to seven seasons of, well, drinking. The crystal masters at Waterford agree and have released the Mixology Mad Men Edition Collection, an homage to the classic metal-banded glasses from which Don took his inaugural drink in the series’ first episode, as well as a few other signature pieces from the show’s near-decade arc. There’s a range of highball and rocks glasses as well as pitchers, decanters, and a few ashtrays.

The collection isn’t a direct reproduction of Don’s barware – rather it’s a Waterford mash-up of sorts, taking Mad Men’s style and Waterford’s angular, cut crystal and letting them get friendly. They replaced (what we assume to be) sterling silver from the original glasses with platinum, and for the alternately colored sets they use real gold for the accents. But they’re still the iconic glasses the characters have raises to celebrate new deals, promotions, desperate moments, and disingenuous partnerships. From $175;