We Get To the Bottom of the Mysterious 15-Second “Mad Men” Trailer

Don Draper walks off a plane, puts on a hat. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN??


AMC’s Mad Men returns for its seventh season next month, and now a 15-second teaser has hit the Internet, causing bloggers everywhere to lose control of their bowels. The clip features Don Draper disembarking from a plane as he puts on a hat in super slow-motion. In the background, you can hear the sound of planes…landing? Taking off? It really could be either.

And that is all.

So, what does it all mean? Is Don returning to New York, or arriving somewhere else? Is Megan waiting at the bottom of those stairs? Is he having an elaborate dream sequence? Did he just join the mile-high club? Is it even possible that he wasn’t already a member of the mile-high club? He’s Don Draper, after all, so he’s probably had sex on an airplane before. But maybe not? So many questions. Unfortunately, this clip does little if anything to provide us with answers. Guess we’ll just have to wait until the premiere of Mad Men, Sunday, April 13, on AMC.