We Want Answers: Madchen Amick

Ever since she first served up a slice of pie on David Lynch’s cult classic Twin Peaks, we’ve never gotten over the cutest gal to don an apron.

You have an interesting name, what’s its significance?
“Mädchen” means young pretty girl in German, which is my heritage.

If I told you my boss started a Twin Peaks fan club in high school, would you find that cool or creepy?
Definitely cool! The show was so interesting that I feel anyone that was a fan had to be interesting, too!

Even though it’s been 17 years since the show aired, do you get recognized often?
More often than I could’ve imagined, which is strange, because I was so young when I did that show. I think I look different now, so it’s always a surprise when people spot me.

If anyone ever asks, “Do you make delicious coffee and pie,” do you want to kick them in the crotch?
[Laughs] No, not at all! Any reference to the show is flattering.

On Peaks you were married to Leo, a total dick who beat you up and treated you horribly. Why do so many hot women date such dicks?
As for the psychological reasons, I’m not sure. I think some women, in a weird way, end up in these abusive relationships because they feel some sort of skewed sense of safety having this domineering husband. Maybe they like being dominated in the beginning of the marriage, before it spirals out of control? It’s sad to see a women stuck in that situation. I’m outspoken and independent, so it was hard for me to play a character who assumed that type of role.  

How freaky is David Lynch in real life?
He’s not freaky at all! He’s actually very sweet and normal. David had a very normal American upbringing. I think that’s why he’s so fascinated with what lies underground—figuratively and literally—the nice, normal veneer of American small towns and of American society in general.

If you had to choose one of your female Peaks costars to get frisky with, who would it be: Sherilyn Fenn, Lara Flynn Boyle, or Sheryl Lee?
Hmmm, I’m going to go with all three [laughs].

Do you still have your Double R waitress uniform from the show? Even if you don’t, please lie and say you wear it all the time to feel sexy.
I don’t! The only memorabilia I kept from the show was a vintage Coca-Cola sign. It was a prop from the Double R Diner. I had a relative who collected antiques, so I had to hold onto that one! 

Speed round! We’re gonna say something from the show, and you give us the first thing that pops into your head.

Log Lady!

Backward-talking dwarf!

Cross-dressing David Duchovny!

So we’re going to have to ask you about your cancelled series, Viva Laughlin. What attracted you to the show?
I was such a huge fan of the original British series Blackpool that I really wanted to be part of its American counterpart.

Given Viva Laughlin’s unsuccessful run, did you see any risk when you initially signed up to play Natalie Holden?
Sure, but I’m always drawn to risky projects. I’ll always take risks as an actor.