We Like to Watch: Nov. 22nd-28th, 2010

Law & Order hops across the pond, wounded warriors heal in the garage, and porn bloopers make their way to basic cable.

There’s a lot of TV options to choose from these days. Too much for any one person to completely monitor, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to do our best to sift through all the listings and figure out what you should be watching every week…with all the highlights, lowlights and guilty pleasures you can stand.

Monday, Nov. 22nd

8:00 p.m. Wounded Warriors Garage (Speed)

Speed’s new special spotlights a San Antonio program that helps injured soldiers work on automotive projects as a form of rehabilitation. It’s a great cause that deserves all the attention (and donations) it can get, so do some good and give it a look! Man tears are certainly expected. And in this case, encouraged.

Wednesday, Nov. 24th

8:00 p.m. Human Target (Fox)

The new season Fox’s master of disguise/private detective series (based on a rather obscure DC Comics character) got a much-needed dose of hotness when Indira Varma (of Torchwood fame) joined the cast as billionaire sugar mama Ilsa Pucci. The excellent Molly Parker (of Deadwood and “punched in the face by Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man” fame) takes the “target of the week” guest spot this time around, and the usual shenanigans will ensue. Pretty ladies and bullets flying? Perfectomundo.

Also on Wednesday

11:00 p.m. Conan (TBS)

Conan has been killing it in his two weeks back on the air so far; whether handling a drunken Harrison Ford or playing off a randy Russell Brand, the man knows how to handle guests of all stripes. Wednesday’s episode features the always gorgeous Eva Mendes and the surprisingly tenacious Bob Saget. Seriously, we still give him mad props for the Full House bounce-back.

Sunday, Nov. 28th

9:00 p.m. Dirty Jobs (Discovery)

Mike Rowe has undergone his fair share of gross stuff. It comes with the territory. But Sunday’s episode sounds extra sickening as he visits a forensic bug lab where they put various kinds of larvae in dead pigs. Sounds cool and sick at the same time (and kind of like the plot for a rad horror movie), so we might watch this one on regular def instead of high.

Also on Sunday

11:00, 11:30 p.m. Rated “A” For Adult (G4)

We’re not quite sure how a show that’s basically filled with porn bloopers will work, especially since it’s on basic cable. What will they show? The pizza delivery guy dropping his box, or messing up his one line? A lingerie-clad actress falling off the bed, pre-coitus? Regardless, we’re tuning in to see. For scientific reasons, of course.


Thursday, Nov. 25th

8:00 p.m. Punkin Chunkin 2010 (Discovery)

Hey, happy Thanksgiving, America. If you can get away from watching the Macy’s parade, John Wayne marathons, or non-stop ABC Family original Christmas movies on Thursday, we recommend knocking back a few while tuning in to a bunch of geeks launching pumpkins as far as they can with catapults. There’s something hypnotic about watching man stick it to nature in such a vaguely violent and wholly expensive manner.


Friday, Nov. 26th

9:00 p.m. Law & Order: UK (BBC)

We had no idea that Dick Wolf’s L&O franchise had leapt across the pond to infect our British brethren. Soon enough the BBC will have a whole network devoted to Law & Order‘s various spin-offs. L&O: Crikey Intent! L&O: Sussex Victims Unit! The real question is, how interesting can crime be in a country without guns? How many times can people be bludgeoned to death?