This Week in Gaming: “God of War Collection” & More

Get the scoop on all the best video game releases for the week of May 5.

God of War Collection

Platforms: PS Vita

The beginning of this week’s PS Vita love starts with Kratos taking his mythological quest to Sony’s awesome and underrated handheld system. The God of War collection only has 2005’s original entry into the series and 2007’s God of War II – we were bummed that 2010’s GoW3 wasn’t included – but that’s still two classic games on a tiny cartridge to keep you occupied on commutes, car trips, or hidden in your lap during takeoff when you’re not supposed to be using your handheld electronics. If you’ve never played the God of War games, you’re in for a treat because they offer some of the best third-person adventure you can get exclusively on Sony’s machines. If you have played the God of War games, now’s as good a time as any to revisit Kratos’ bloody revenge on Ares and his path to redemption.

Borderlands 2 PS Vita Bundle

Platforms: PS Vita

The other half of the PS Vita love comes in the form of a $200 Vita bundle that includes the brand-new-to-handheld Borderlands 2. The long-awaited port of Borderlands 2 has had gamers excited for a while now, as the fan-favorite mayhem of Gearbox’s First-Person Shooter/RPG finally makes it to a portable console. Borderlands 2 for Vita may only allow online team play with two people (the home console versions allowed four people to team up), but it’s still full of random pop-culture references, TONS of enemies, and all the loot you’d expect of a game where treasure-hunting is paramount. There’s no maximum number of bodies we’ll lay to waste when there’s treasure involved…and that’s true in our real lives too.

Stick It to The Man

Platforms: PS3, PS Vita

We may not have asked the question, “What happens when you go into a coma and wake up with a gigantic purple arm sticking out of your head?” but, thanks to Stick It to The Man, we know the answer is, “Use your new arm to read people’s thoughts.” Duh. The age of the oddity platformer is here in full force, and Stick It to The Man is the most recent in a long string of platform-jumping adventure games that feature weird protagonists and a gimmick. Frankly, we don’t mind, because these games are all good, light fun that offer up enjoyable experiences and rarely make you want to pull out your hair. Best of all, Stick It to The Man takes its telepathy to an absurd level with more than 10 hours of people’s thoughts for you to snoop on, and has a subversive subplot about taking down a shady government agency that fills us with the warm fuzzies. Damn the man – save your humongous purple head-arm!