This Week in Gaming: September 28, 2010

Rock the Casbah, the football pitch and the undead with this week in gaming.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (XBOX, PS3, Wii)

Price: $99.99 with instrument bundle || Official Site

From Anthrax to ZZ Top, Guitar Hero returns this week with Warriors of Rock. Circling back to its rock roots, the game goes heavy on the guitar and thank the rock gods it does because we all know deep in our hearts that a Guitar Hero game should not include “Play that Funky Music.” Warriors of Rock features a new Quest Mode that may bring on deja vu for anyone that tore through Brutal Legend but with Gene Simmons as your guide,  Megadeth making tracks specifically to make your fingers bleed, warrior versions of your rocker and Rush lending a little finale magic, unchaining the Demigod of Rock feels great when you do it with an axe in hand. Bass and drums are still in the picture but do you wanna be Jimi Hendrix or the dude with the ‘fro behind him? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Number of Beers to Enjoy: Gene Simmons taunted us to shotgun Dr. Pepper instead.

FIFA 11 (XBOX, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, DS, PC)

Price: $59.99 || Official Site

The World Cup is but a fuzzy, vuvuzela’d memory in our minds already but for the rest of the world and anyone who appreciates a phenomenal, ever-evolving and always-improving sports franchise, FIFA turns 18 this week with FIFA 11. The game is fluid and realistic with ball physics, pacing and player mechanics creating a new experience that’s closer to the beautiful game than ever before. Gameplay adds even more depth with a new be-the-goalie mode, off the ball marking and player personalities that dictate abilities, teamwork and better celebrations. FIFA 11 also injects a new Creation Center where you can rule full teams or individual players from on high. Rounding out the polish is an even higher level of detail that lets the gamer control the chanting of the crowd or inject your own music into the already stellar international soundtrack. Online matchmaking, tournaments, leagues and lounges connect players worldwide and give everyone an apolitical reason to talk trash about the French. If that’s not a step toward world peace, we don’t know what is.

Number of Beers: 4 Guinnesses if you don’t want the hooligans on your ass.

Dead Rising 2 (XBOX, PS3, PC)

Price: $59.99 || Official Site

At its core, Dead Rising 2 consists of two basic elements: Zombies and a timer. Survive until the timer runs out and you’re golden. What makes it fun is the vast array of weapons you get to accomplish your task of smashing the undead and, best of all, the new combination weapons, like the paddlesaw that really gives a glimpse of the creativity in the newly-beloved Zombie-Genre follow up. What you’re going to find here is an update of the original but with a better variety of missions and a new hero, Chuck the Motorcross champ/dearly devoted dad. Unfortunately, the controls can be as awkward as left-hand masturbation (we’re all righties here at Maxim) and the pacing feels off even with the timer’s frantic pandemonium. However, these woes are balanced out by an excellent engine driving the hundreds of zombies, even better looking graphics and the new and much-appreciated co-op mode because, much like beer pong,  vivisecting zombies is an experience best shared with friends.

Number of Beers to Enjoy: Beer makes your brain delicious AND intoxicating, avoid the sixer this time around.

Also out this week: Final Fantasy XIV Online, Front Mission Evolved, Quantum Theory, MorphX