This Week in Weird Sports: Blo-Ball

The sport that doesn’t suck!

“This sport really blows!”

Blo-ball is a poor man’s ping pong – and we mean that literally, because in this case, it means not even springing for paddles. Instead, players volley the ball back and forth using only their breath, so we can only hope for the umpire’s sake that no games are played first thing in the morning.

The height of the popularity of Blo-Ball came after it was demonstrated on the ABC TV show “Why Didn’t I Think of That” in 1996, and also on the Sports Segment on WCAX-TV in Burlington, VT that same year (“height of popularity” in this case means that two people attempted it, gave up and went back to their lives of eating failure pie from bowls of sadness). Blo-Ball has allegedly been played in numerous middle and high schools, sports bars and colleges in the northeast, although to be perfectly frank, we’ve never seen this and are somewhat incredulous that this sport could be played in public without the athletes in question being tarred and feathered.

Unsurprisingly, blo-ball has yet to evolve into a highly organized or competitive sport, but when it does, well…ok, it’s never going to be a highly organized or competitive sport. Sorry, blo-ball. You may be weird, but you’re not really a sport, are you?