This Week In Weird Sports: Bog Snorkeling

Remember when you went snorkeling on vacation? This is very different.

Bog Snorkeling

Like all good ideas, bog snorkeling was born from a conversation in a bar. I’m not exactly sure what that conversation was, but I’m guessing it went a little like this:

Man #1: “Hey you…betcha can’t…(burp)…jump over that bog over there.”

Man #2: “Oh yeah? Well…I bet I can swim that bog faster than you can.”

Man #1: “Oh yeah? Well…I’m gonna snorkel it!”

As you can see, most bar conversations are pretty boring if you’re not drunk. But now a lot of sober people in Wales (of course it’s in Wales) actually put on wet suits and try to swim the length of a peat bog as quickly as possible. Proceeds from the event go to a charity, so we won’t call this one of the more pointless sports in the world.

Bog snorkeling fun fact: The 2001 event was cancelled due to “foot and mouth disease.” Mmmm, that’s good bog!