This Week In Weird Sports: Christmas Edition

Yule love this log.

This technically isn’t a sport, but since it’s almost Christmas I thought we’d take a moment to recognize one of the weirder Christmas traditions. Originating in Catalonia, the “Caga Tio” or, “pooping log” is better than anything we Americans do at Christmas. Starting on the 8th of December, Catalonian children take a special piece of wood, draw a face on it and give it a nose, cover it with a red hat and “feed it” each night. Then, on Christmas morning they hit the log with sticks until it “poops” out candy, nuts and turron (a Catalonian nougat candy). Then, when there’s nothing left to poop, it craps out a salt herring, a head of garlic or “urinates” something.

If this wasn’t already the best Christmas tradition, there’s a song that goes with it that has these lyrics:

Poop log

Poop turron

Hazelnuts and cottage cheese

If you don’t poop well,

I’ll hit you with a stick

Poop log!

Merry Christmas!