This Week in Weird Sports: Fingerboarding

Best thing to do with your fingers since the Internet.

Fingerboarding is a growing phenomenon that has captured the minds, index and especially middle finger of sports fans around the globe. A bite-sized version of skateboarding, people use their fingers to maneuver tiny boards to perform spectacular, mind-bending tricks before going home for a bit of a cry in the bath. Like a cheap engagement ring, fingerboards are often made of wood or plastic and come complete with grip tape on top, just like the big-boy boards. They range in cost from around $10 to more than $100, although if you’re spending that much money on a fingerboard, you should probably hand over financial affairs to someone older than seven.

Tech Deck, the leading manufacturer of “fingerboards,” hosted the first ever US Fingerboarding Championships in New York City in September of 2011. Matty Taylor, a 14-year-old from California, was named National Fingerboarding Champion and awarded $5,000. He used his winnings to buy a three year supply of Pringles and Pop-Tarts.