This Week in Weird Sports: Footvolley

“The sport for the very confused”

“The sport for the very confused”

Footvolley was created by a small, brave group of people that struggled to decide if they wanted to play volleyball or soccer. Ultimately they decided to just say “fuck it” and create their own game.

In footvolley, players volley a soccer ball back and forth using their feet, head, chest and anything else that isn’t their arms or hands. Despite its novel concept, there’s not really much that differentiates it from volleyball, besides the lack of this sort of thing. At best, footvolley was created for aging ninjas who just couldn’t kick kicking things.

The sport’s creators couldn’t possibly have imagined the lack of interest there is in the game. Each year, the Pro Footvolley Tour makes a whopping five stops on beaches mostly along the east coast, which is at least six more than anyone asked for.