Watch Ronda Rousey Finally Congratulate Holly Holm on Her UFC 193 Victory

Plus, all the must-see sports GIFs, Vines, and videos you missed over the weekend.


Every weekend, the sporting world produces an untold number of moments worth gawking over. Unfortunately, many of them are lost in the cacophony and come Monday, they’ve disappeared. This is our attempt to remedy that with a collection of moments from last weekend that you may have missed but still need to see.

Ronda Rousey hosted Saturday Night Live and her monologue included something nearly three months in the making—a pat on the back for Holly Holm. 

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A Panthers fan fell out of the stands while celebrating a Luke Kuechly pick six. 

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Kobe Bryant put up an embarrassing desperation hook shot that inspired this fantastic Vine…

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Some members of West Virginia University’s swim team showed that football players aren’t the only athletes suffering from traumatic brain injuries. 

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Timberwolves rookie Karl Anthony Towns tried to break the backboard with the dunk of the weekend. 

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A player in the Russian pro hockey’s All-Star game tried to score with a flaming stick. He failed but looked cool doing it. 

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Steph Curry ended the first quarter of Friday’s 12 point win over the Pacers with a three-quarter court shot that didn’t count. 

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Then he ended the second quarter with a half court shot that did. 

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With Michigan State seconds away from knocking off Maryland, senior Matt Costello showed coach Tom Izzo how much he loves him. 

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Tottenham’s Dele Alli scored a ridiculous wonder strike.

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