The Weeknd Just Dropped His Darkest Video Yet

Need fresh air now. 

If we can count on The Weeknd for anything, it’s sex, drugs and self destruction. In what has to be the creepiest video released by the artist yet, “Tell Your Friends” opens with Abel burying himself alive. “I do shit how I want, don’t need no blessin’,” he croons. Moments later, while waxing poetic about female body parts and everybody getting busy, he fires a gun at the same character who lit him on fire in the beloved “Can’t Feel My Face” video, killing him dead. It’s then that the Kanye West-produced track gives way to “Real Life,” the lead off track on his Beauty Behind The Madness album (out this Friday).

Before you know it, The Weeknd is driving off into the night, listening to the sounds of his own melody while we’re left asking ourselves, “what the fuck just happened?” Watch below, then take a walk and think of something warm and fuzzy. It’s going to be ok.