You Can Now Buy a Custom Vape Designed by the Weeknd

Get ready to not feel your face.

The last time I had what I would call an “extreme weed experience” was a few years back when I chomped down on a weed cookie from a batch that my roommate at the time had made with her creepy boyfriend, and then tried to watch a movie on my laptop. Once the shit kicked in, I noticed that my hands and arms had contorted à la Emily Rose, and then I just went to bed. I just wanted to share that information since I’m about to break down the info on rapper The Weeknd’s new Pax vaporizer — he’s know for “not feeling his face” and I’m now known for “not feeling my hands and arms” because I really don’t do drugs very often. 

The Madness Tour Limited Edition Pax 2 will set you back $324.99 and will be part of The Weeknd’s merch during his tour, as well as be available for purchase online. It’ll feature an exclusive black shell, and be given the full Weeknd treatment — when you turn it on, it’ll play “The Hills.”

“As one of the most exciting and relevant musicians today, The Weeknd was the ideal artist for an exclusive PAX 2 device collaboration,” said PAX Labs CMO Richard Mumby. “Abel has a distinct and discerning style, and he has provided a new and unexpected way for us to showcase our brand. We are always looking for new ways to connect with our customers and fans, so this was the perfect opportunity to bring together The Weeknd’s style with our technology.”

Vape life!

Photos by Promo