The Weeknd Is Surrounded By Butts In His Video From the “50 Shades” Soundtrack

The Weeknd leaves out the “e” in his name because he’s saving it for the “E”normous butts

50 Shades of Grey hits theaters in just over two weeks. Just two weeks until millions of middle-aged women pile into packed movie theaters, trying to mentally capture all of the steamiest images and moments for the Sunday afternoon when their husband takes the kids to basketball game and they can have some “alone” time. Before then however, 50 Shades has already produced ample eye candy, with the new video for The Weeknd’s song “Earned It” off of the film’s official soundtrack. Featuring mostly-naked women in various acts of bondage, the video highlights both The Weeknd’s haircut and so, so many butts.

Check it out below.

50 Shades of Grey is in theaters on Valentine’s Day.