Weezer Gives in to Fan Requests, Does Incredible Cover of ‘Africa’ By Toto

Listen to Rivers Cuomo bless the rains.

“Africa” by Toto isn’t just one of the most infectious earworms ever recorded—it’s unofficially the internet’s favorite song. And Weezer just dropped an fantastic “Africa” cover to appease a persistent fan. 

It all started when a 14-year-old Cleveland resident named Mary created a Twitter profile dedicated solely to getting Rivers Cuomo and co. to cover the 1982 megahit. 

Hundreds of tweets containing a #WeezerCoverAfrica hashtag were sent by the appropriately titled @weezerafrica account, and the campaign received plenty of press from music media outlets like Noisey

Much like the rains were blessed by Toto decades ago, Mary was finally blessed with Weezer’s cover after six months of near-constant lobbying. 

Getty Images

The band didn’t mess with the original’s cheesy perfection, with the most obvious change being the addition of power chords to the chorus. 

Dare we say it’s even better than the original? Of course not, but you can have a listen and decide for yourself.