Murder? Drugs? Incest? The Strange Questions One NFL Player Was Asked At The Combine

Austen Lane takes us through the looking glass.


The sporting world’s creepiest event began yesterday in Indianapolis with hundreds of clipboard-toting, khaki-clad scouts poring over the bodies shirtless young men. Yes, the NFL Scouting Combine is here and with it, comes a fascinating peek inside the bizarre process courtesy of former NFL lineman Austen Lane

The one-time Jaguar, Lion, Chief and Bear, who was taken in the fifth round of the 2010 draft, tweeted some of the utter nonsense he was forced to answer during his own trip to the combine. Let’s address them one by one. 

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That’s a wild scenario, but it’s easy to see what the scout was getting at. This is just a more creative why of asking Lane is he was a psychopath—something you’d obviously want to know before the draft. Right, Patriots?

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NFL combine or back page Q&A in Tiger Beat?

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This clever scout comes with the trick question. The right answer is obvious bomb. 

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Reasonable responses to this question include, “I see you’re old, you’re a racist aren’t you?”

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Annnnnnd that’s easily the weirdest question. Not just because it’s incest-related, but because it’s hard to imagine how a player’s crush on his mom would be relevant to a team. If anything, it’s a bonus. He’d be more likely to stay home than to go out and get in trouble.


Adam K. Raymond