Welcome to “Weed Country”

Take a puff of Discovery’s new series about the underground world of pot growing, man.

Take a puff of Discovery’s new series about the underground world of pot growing, man.

Photo Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Here at Maxim, we love to stuff our fat faces, and we consider dudes like these to be icons. So perhaps you can understand why we’re already excited about Weed Country, an upcoming reality series that explores the underground world of pot growing in Northern California and Oregon, where dealers are attempting to engineer the world’s most powerful marijuana while trying to stay out of jail. Apparently, even though weed is legal in 18 states, some farmers still risk going to jail for up to 40 years…which would harsh anybody’s mellow. So sit back, relax, and take a hit of this exclusive clip. And can you pass the Doritos, please?

Weed Country premieres at 10pm on Wednesday, February 20, on Discovery.

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