“We’re The Millers” Star Jason Sudeikis Talks Parachute Pants And Body Hair

The former SNL funnyman takes to the streets in style in our fall fashion special.

Life is good for Jason Sudeikis. He’s engaged to Olivia Wilde (only one of the world’s most beautiful women), he’s had a spectacular run on Saturday Night Live, and now he’s starring in We’re the Millers, the shoot-soda-out-your-nose funniest movie of the year (think Vacation, if Clark Griswold were a drug dealer and his wife a stripper). We sat down with the lucky duck to talk basketball, fash­ion, and going topless. And when he ordered a Jack Daniel’s at noon, we knew he was our kind of guy. 

Photographed for Maxim by Taghi Naderzad | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Pictured above: Calvin Klein Slim-fit non-iron shirt, $55, and silk tie, $60, at Macy’s; Calvin Klein Jeans Straight-leg black-rinse jeans, $60, calvinklein.com; Skagen Denmark X Hiromichi Konno Watch, $145, skagen.com; Air Jordan VIII “Playoffs,” $160, jordan.com

You seem like a pretty well-dressed dude, but growing up in Kansas, did you rock cowboy boots and Canadian tuxedos?

No, but kids I went to school with certainly did. I was more into parachute pants and Michael Jackson jackets with lots of zippers. And I played basketball, so I had the Jordan 1’s. Of course, now that I have some money in the bank, I get shoes for free.

Do you get dressed thinking about photographers lurking about?

No. But it is annoying when I want to go for a walk with my fiancée and there are three guys with cameras waiting outside my apartment. The biggest bummer is coming out of the ocean on vacation and seeing some photographer crouched behind a tree. 

Do you realize that when you Google your name, the first thing that comes up is “Jason Sudeikis shirtless”?

Oh, God, you should really go home and clear your search history. I guess people just want to know about body-hair patterns of Midwestern males. Maybe it’s because I make it a rarity; but, I mean, it’s not like I wear a T-shirt when I go swimming.

Maybe they just want shots of your fiancée. She is a former number one on Maxim’s Hot 100.

You know, being beautiful is actually only like fifth or sixth of the things that are amazing about her. She’s really hilarious. And she loves basketball!

So was she kidding when she said she was worried that she wasn’t pretty enough for you?

Well, that’s very flattering, but it obviously doesn’t make sense. I think people look at us and wonder what kind of information I have on her to get so lucky. Like, I must have video of her taking a bomb into the White House.

We’re the Millers is your third movie with Jennifer Aniston, another looker.

Yeah, in Horrible Bosses, my character sleeps with her. But playing a stripper in this one, she looks amazing. It’s such a vulnerable thing for somebody to do. I mean, I never take my shirt off even on Saturday Night Live.

Photographed for Maxim by Taghi Naderzad | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Pictured above: Baldwin Aaron denim jacket, $245, at Haberdash, Chicago; Onassis Merino-cotton zip-front hoodie, $198, onassisclothing.com; Original Penguin Floral-print chambray shirt, $89, and P55 chinos, $89, originalpenguin.com; Nike Limited-edition Dunk Premium High Undftd SP, $120, at sneaker specialty boutiques

Were you into SNL growing up?

Isn’t every kid into it, at least for a couple of years? I never thought I’d wind up on the show, of course, but my freshman year of high school I got to go to a taping when my uncle, George Wendt, was the host, doing those “Superfans” sketches about Da Bears. Elvis Costello was the musical guest, which I couldn’t have cared less about at the time. I would have preferred Vanilla Ice or Color Me Badd.

You started in the writ­ers’ room. Why not write a movie for yourself?

Kristen Wiig did a great job of that with Bridesmaids. On SNL we create, we destroy, and we keep looking forward, because there’s no time to think. And it’s not because we’re smarter or better than other people. It’s because we’re not smarter and don’t know any better.

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