Watch Werner Herzog Talk About Volcanoes In Amazing New ‘Into the Inferno’ Trailer

Prepare for exploding lava and existential dread.

Werner Herzog could narrate a video of a man eating Cup Noodles, and it’d plunge you into an existential despair. I mean, just watch him talk about making eye contact with chickens for 40 seconds.

So prepare yourself for the trailer of his forthcoming Netflix documentary Into the Inferno, for which the widely-revered Grizzly Man director will narrate footage of erupting volcanoes and lava in his unmistakable German accent for over an hour.

“The sun dimmeth, the land sinketh, gushed forth steam and gutting fire, to the heavens soar the hurtling flames of the almighty gods, the engulfing doom,” Herzog muses, reminding us of the furious “fire that burns deep underneath our feet” and of mankind’s insubstantial scale while he’s at it.

Catch Into the Inferno on Oct. 28 when it premieres on Netflix and then curl into the fetal position for hours afterwards.