The Season 2 ‘Westworld’ Trailer Promises a Bloody Robot Uprising

Deadly geishas and badass shogun warriors, anyone?


No aspect of Season 2 of HBO‘s mind-bending Westworld series has been more anticipated than “Shogunworld,” the feudal Japanese theme park teased at the end of the first season.

The latest trailer for Season 2 is here, and it offers a closer look at some of the aesthetics and potential villains of the secretive new setting. 

(Photo: YouTube)

There’s a geisha you wouldn’t want to fuck with, star Thandie Newton in geisha attire and a darkly lit look at some samurai warrior in their recognizable armor.

(Photo: YouTube)

There are also more glimpses into Evan Rachel Woods’ robot uprising, no longer confined to their Western-style “Westworld.”

(Photo: YouTube)

Season 2 of Westworld premieres on HBO April 22nd.