‘Westworld’ Season 2 Finale: Fans React To HBO Show’s Wildest Episode Yet

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Westworld Promo

The conclusion of every Westworld episode typically leaves viewers with a host of unanswered questions—questions that have spawned some totally insane fan theories. True to form, the season 2 finale of HBO’s mind-bending sci-fi series left fans somewhere between extremely satisfied and utterly confused. 

“The Passenger” proved to be a 90-minute mind fuck that saw formations of unexpected alliances, new revelations, and one helluva cliffhanger. 

#Westworld became a top trending topic on Twitter as users logged on to debate the episode’s meaning—and even ponder their own existence: 




Some thought they knew what it all meant… until they saw the post-credits scene:  


The show frequently features instrumental covers of classic rock songs. One viewer proposed that the use of Radiohead’s original recording of “Codex” implies that some Westworld characters are no longer operating in an artificial consciousness. 

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h/t: Syfy Wire