What To Do With Your Week Off

The movies and TV shows Maxim editors plan to catch up on over the holidays.

The movies and TV shows Maxim editors plan to catch up on over the holidays.

TV: American Horror Story: Asylum

“I’m going to try to watch the whole season of American Horror Story: Asylum because it’s a cheap thrill, Adam Levine is cute, and Evan Peters might be the real-life spawn of Satan.”

—Bailey Swilley, Maxim.com

Movie – The Cabin In The Woods


“Despite sitting on the shelf for a few years after completion (since no one seemed to know how to market the movie), Cabin was one of the best surprises of 2012 (and I’m including the discovery that I didn’t actually have crabs, here). Brief spoiler-free plot summary: kids go to cabin in woods that’s secretly being controlled entirely by scientists in an underground bunker, creepy horror-movie stuff starts happening, things go crazy (the scientist thing is honestly not a spoiler – that twist is revealed before the opening credits). Anyway, it’s a super smart, very funny twist on recent horror movies, satirizing the last decade’s schlock hits while still working as its own movie just as effectively as Scream did back in the ‘90s. And I can’t stress enough just how crazy this movie gets in the last 30 minutes – it’s brilliantly, gleefully, bat-balls insane, and I loved every second of it.”

—Nick Leftley, Maxim.com

Movie – The Innkeepers


“While shooting his ode to the ’80s ‘Satanic Panic’ film The House of the Devil, Ti West and crew stayed at The Yankee Pedlar Inn, and after hearing about (and feeling) the ghastly nature of the place, West decided to make a film about it. The result is a creep-fest which breaks up throat-closing tension with legitimately funny moments. It’s the most fun you can possibly have while shitting your pants.”

—Cameron Berkman, Maxim.com

TV – Homeland

“Not just because it’s awesome (Terrorists! Torture! Sex!), but because you can finally join all the other jackasses who talk about it incessantly.”

—Patrick Carone, Maxim  

Movie – Charlie Is My Darling

“This Rolling Stones documentary was shot on tour in Ireland in 1965, with the Stones on the cusp of superstardom, but for a variety of reasons it wasn’t released until fall 2012. It contains some great concert footage, including the first live performance of “Satisfaction” on film, as well as some impromptu jamming and Mick musing on how the band probably wouldn’t be around too long. As if.”

—Ken Gee, Maxim

TV – Girls


“After waiting forever, HBO’s Girls is finally coming back with its second season in January. Yes, I may be one of the few that actually cares about this, but it’s hilarious and realistic, so I’ll be re-visiting Lena Dunham’s awesome first season. A bunch of girls living in New York City post-graduation, drinking, having sex, and dealing with the fact that they have no idea what to do with their lives pretty much sums up the series. Remotely enticed? You should be.”

—Alexa Lyons, Maxim.com

TV – Don’t Trust The B – – – –  In Apartment 23

“I discovered this show during  a dark time in my life, a time when I had reached the end of my DVR’s recorded-shows list and was almost forced to live real life…until I realized I could watch TV on the internet. It was a close call. Without knowing much about it, I pulled up Don’t Trust The B – – – –  on Hulu and was pleasantly surprised by its hilarity. The titular bitch is played by Krysten Ritter, who you may remember as Jesse Pinkman’s junkie girlfriend on Breaking Bad. It was comforting to see she’s just as depraved in this show, only it’s more of a drawing-dicks-on-the-office-dry-erase-board depravity and less of a choking-on-your-own-vomit-and-dying kind. Her questionable moral compass is balanced out by June (Dreama Walker), her naïve and Midwestern (redundant?) roommate, and the cast cherry on top is James Van Der Beek, who plays a satirized version of himself. It’s sort of a modern-day Odd Couple with the silly hi-jinx ofThree’s Company and the asshole-ness of Always Sunny. I highly recommend adding it to your viewing list, or if you’re strapped for time, just watching the two-minute joke reels.”

—Laura Leu, Maxim

TV – Breaking Bad


“I’m embarrased to admit that I fell off the Breaking Bad wagon mid-way through the final season (which was split in two; the final episodes will air next summer, and I want to be ready). The last five episodes have just been eating up space on my DVR for months, taunting me like a bad meth habit. Anyway, when I’m not doing that, or gorging on Christmas hams and whiskey drinks, I’ll also be catching up on returning shows like Shameless, Californication, and Game of Thrones, which OH MY GOD IS COMING BACK SO SOON! Side note: I hope they kill that little fucker Joffrey on season three.”

—Justine Goodman, Maxim.com

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