What We’re Watching Today: The Best Culinary Show on Television

Plus Passion Pit and Beyoncé to energize your Tuesday. 

For the vast majority of you not out celebrating Mardi Gras, there’s always entertainment to gorge on. 

What We’re Watching Now

Passion Pit announced their upcoming album, Kindred, by releasing the infectious track “Lifted Up (1985),” accompanied by a moving album cover.


What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

Beyoncé‘s Stevie Wonder tribute was so very Beyoncé. And will make your lunch break way more intense than it needs to be. 


What We’re Watching Tonight

If the idea of watching a group of pint-sized culinary prodigies compete against each other doesn’t sound like compelling television — we get it. But MasterChef Junior has solidly won us over. On tonight’s episode, on Fox at 8 PM EST, the final four contestants compete against each other to send two into the final round. Their incredible skills in the kitchen, along with Gordon Ramsay’s ability to not scream at the kids, will both blow your mind. 

Photos by Fox