What We’re Watching Today: Game of Thrones Parodies Galore

Sesame Street muppets and Seth Meyers both go to Westeros.

Winter may not be coming (finally), but we’re more than ready for constant Game of Thrones content.

What We’re Watching Right Now

Sesame Street’s pretty on it with adult television show parodies (remember their House of Cards one?).

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

Continuing the Game of Thrones theme, Seth Meyers brought Jon Snow to a dinner party and it turns out he knows nothing…about small talk and appropriate table manners.

What We’re Watching Tonight

It’s a typical, not-quite-end-of-the-season Tuesday: Justified (FX, 10 EST), Fresh Off the Boat (ABC, 8 EST), and New Girl (Fox, 9 EST) are all solid choices.