What We’re Watching Today: Goodbye to Pawnee

We bid a heartfelt goodbye to our favorite fictional town in all of Indiana.

Tonight is the end of Parks and Recreation. Some of us are very sad about it. Others are indifferent. The indifferent ones have cold, cold hearts. 

What We’re Watching Right Now

After spectacularly failing in all other athletic pursuits, Drake finally looked a bit coordinated and caught a ball while performing in Australia. Good job, Drake!


What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

On Jimmy Kimmel last night, Warren G and Kenny G finally had the duet we’ve all been dreaming of, performing “Regulate.” 

What We’re Watching Tonight

Parks & Recreation began as a sort-of spin-off of The Office, had a shaky start, and then quickly became the most heart-warming show on television. It served as a beautiful showcase for some of the best comic actors on television, and introduced us to Ron Swanson — the greatest fictional creation of all time. It’s also the most quotable show ever

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