What We’re Watching Today: Hot Chip in the Morning, Empire at Night

And a chance to see Weird Al get whiplashed. 

We’re bummed to hear that Jon Stewart’s stepping down after hosting the The Daily Show  for so many years, so we’ll try to keep it light this Wednesday. 

What We’re Watching Right Now

Hot Chip released a mesmerizing video for the infectious track “Huarache Lights.” It’ll appear on their newly-announced studio album, Why Make Sense?, out on May 18th. 

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

Weird Al moved on from straight song parodies to taking on the intense musical movie Whiplash. He enlisted J.K. Trotter to reprise his role as the demanding teacher and, man, that guy is good at yelling. 

What We’re Watching Tonight

A month in, we’re hooked on Fox’s Empire. The show focuses on Luscious Lyon (Terence Howard), Empire Entertainment CEO, who was diagnosed with ALS and must decide which of his three sons (each of whom has perceived faults) will inherit his company. The plot’s a modern-day Shakespearean drama, with a sharp edge and a coating of glitter; Taraji P. Henson especially kills it as Lyon’s ex-wife Cookie. Catch up on previous episodes here