What We’re Watching Today: Janelle Monae Does “Yoga”

And the NBA Draft Lottery is upon us.

Start stretching out, because Janelle Monae’s getting the day started right. 

What We’re Watching Right Now

Janelle Monae showed up on The Tonight Show for a killer performance of her new hit “Yoga.” We’re feeling more limber already.


What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

Also on The Tonight Show, Hugh Jackman, Nick Offerman, and Susan Saradon played “Password.” Stars—they’re just like us!

What We’re Watching Tonight

Our resident basketball guru Max Rivlin-Nadler is pumped for the NBA draft lottery, saying: “This is NBA fandom taken to a molecular level, but with absolutely galactic consequences. Without the draft lottery, The Cavs don’t draft LeBron, the Bulls don’t get Derrick Rose, and the Spurs don’t get Tim Duncan. This is what decides the future of a team….or not, if they waste their pick on someone like Andrea Bargnani. The team with the most riding on this evening are the Knicks, who stand the second-best chance to land the top pick. If they fall to fourth or fifth, their terrible, apocalyptic first-season under team president Phil Jackson would have been for naught, and the chances of the Knicks attempting to tank again will be high. So bring out your fuzzy troll dolls and good luck charms, NBA fans. This is where the magic begins.” (ESPN, 8:30 EST).