What We’re Watching Today: Jim Gaffigan Has His Own Show Now

Plus a trip down to Nick Offerman’s pizza farm and a trailer for Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence. 

What We’re Watching Right Now

Nick Offerman wants you to come on down to his farm—his pizza farm, that is, in a new video for Funny or Die. We’ve never wanted something to be true as much as this. Buckets of pizza as far as the eye can see…


Pizza Farm with Nick Offerman

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What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

The first teaser trailer for David O. Russell’s next Jennifer Lawrence vehicle, Joy, just dropped and let’s just say she looks like she knows her way around a shotgun.

What We’re Watching Tonight

Jim Gaffigan has his own show now, and it’s called The Jim Gaffigan Show. How bout that? It’s premiering tonight on TV Land, which now has the tagline “not just for the olds! (10 EST)”

The Jim Gaffigan Show

Get More: The Official Jim Gaffigan Show Website

Photos by TV Land