What We’re Watching Today: Katy Perry’s Fireworks, SNL’s Jay-Z Story

Relive the weirdest moments from yesterday’s halftime show, and catch the best parts of SNL. 

According to a rodent, we’re due to get six more weeks of winter, so it’s time to store up the fruits, berries, and YouTube clips we need to get through the impending storms. But we’re not stockpiling everything.

What We’re Watching Right Now

Katy Perry gave us her all in one of the most glitzy, roaring (not to mention weird) halftime shows we’ve ever seen — from the giant puppeteered tiger she rode in on to the California Girls performance that left us all wondering if someone slipped acid in the queso.

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Who hasn’t felt like that confused shark on the left? But Right Shark was here for it, and arguably a better dancer than Katy, leading some to speculate on its identity.

Missy Elliot joined Katy on stage for a song and – no surprise here – killed it. Lenny Kravitz was there too, and we’re just glad he left the blanket scarf at home.

Commercials ran the gamut from “mildly clever” to “wow, that was so depressing I need to call my family and tell them I love them immediately.” Amid all that, we got plenty of trailers, from the adventure-packed Furious 7 and Jurassic World to Tom Brady’s glowing junk in Ted 2.



What We’ll Be Watching a Bit Later When We Get Bored

Pre-Super Bowl (can you even remember that time?), J.K. Simmons made for an excellent SNL host. One of the best sketches of the night, “The Jay-Z Story,” was a deliberately awkward take on the rapper’s legacy – with Mike O’Brien playing Jay Z and Jason Sudeikis as Kanye West.

And don’t miss D’Angelo crooning “The Charade” off his spectacular new album, Black Messiah.

What We’ll Be Watching Tonight

We’re honoring the holiday with an annual viewing of Groundhog Day. We lost genius comedic director Harold Ramis about a year ago, so this year’s will be especially poignant. Bill Murray’s favorite way to drink champagne, The Montana Cooler, pairs well with existential comedy. Also, brie.