What We’re Watching Today: The Latest Fear the Walking Dead Promo

Plus John Oliver talking Washington DC statehood and the season finale of UnREAL. 

What We’re Watching Right Now

Fear the Walking Dead, the prequel to the extremely gnarly Walking Dead, is hitting AMC on August 23rd. We’ve been getting teaser trailers for a while, but this is the first that gives us a sense of the magnitude of zombie-induced destruction we’ll be facing. Nothing quite as ominous as “FEAR” spelled out in burning buildings!

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

On last night’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver talked Washington DC statehood and taxation without representation—a phrase we haven’t heard since high school history class. (Oh, to be young again.) 

What We’re Watching Tonight

It’s the season finale of UnREAL—the deliciously dark take on the inside of the reality show industry. Yes, we watch Lifetime. Get over it (Lifetime, 10 EST).