What We’re Watching Today: Little Debbie Takes Late Night

Plus Hannibal Buress on his musical SXSW cameo. 

March Madness will be dominating, but there’s still more going on:

What We’re Watching Right Now

Will Ferrell, unsurprisingly, plays an adorable Little Debbie. Someone get us a Zebra Cake, stat. 

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

Hannibal Buress showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live (in a Joy Division shirt) to explain how he ended up playing drums for a band at SXSW. Spoiler: He doesn’t know how to play the drums.


What We’re Watching Tonight

March Madness kicks off. We’re watching Kentucky vs. Hampton (CBS, 9:40 EST) but here are a couple of other games you can catch:

Purdue vs. Cincinnati (CBS, 7:10 EST)

LSU vs. NC State (TBS, 9:20 EST)