What We’re Watching Today: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Is on TV

Plus Shia Labeouf being intense and an invasion of killer wasps.

It’s a Monday’s Monday, so dive right in:

What We’re Watching Right Now

Hell yeah, Shia Labeouf—everyone’s favorite ex-Disney star turned performance artist—delivered the most #XTREME motivational speech of all time (yes, as part of an art project). We can think of a million better ways to get amped for a Monday, but here we are.


What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

The first red band trailer for Stung, a movie about mutated killer wasps, just dropped. Hey, if we put up with Sharknado, we can put up with this. 


What We’re Watching Tonight

We loved Mad Max: Fury Road, because how couldn’t you? But withoutMad Max Beyond Thunderdome, there would be no Fury Road, so catch it on TV tonight (AMC, 7:30 EST). We’ve got two words for you: Tina Turner.