What We’re Watching Today: A Man Soaring Into The Unknown

Plus the side of Full House you never wanted to see, and a true descent into X—Men geekery. 

What We’re Watching Right Now

The first clip for “The Unauthorized Full House Story” has been released and boy, is it a doozy. With the show premiering on Lifetime on August 22nd, expect more high drama on the sitcom set. Man, these actors REALLY look nothing like the people they’re playing. 

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

The next X-Men film is still a year away, but honestly, we’re still unpacking exactly what happened with last year’s awesome X-Men: Days of Future PastDid the timeline reset? Is everyone now alive again? Will X-Men: The Last Stand now be automatically deleted from DVD racks and hard drives everywhere? (Pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee.) This video, by CineFix, breaks down the exact differences between the film version and comic book version of DOFP, and along the way clears up some pretty important questions.

What We’re Watching Tonight

In 1965, a truck driver from Union City New Jersey decided to break the world skydiving record, only two years after he first began jumping. Nick Piantanida set the record, but paid the ultimate price for it. Now, wrapping up the second season of its documentary series 30 for 30, Angry Sky director Jeff Tremaine has put together what appears to be an immensely fun and moving documentary about a man who dared to soar. Given that Tremaine is a co-creator of Jackass, these seems like a match made in daredevil heaven. (ESPN, 8:00 EST).