What We’re Watching Today: A Montage of Heck

Also, John Oliver vs. standardized testing and Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow’s rom com.

It may be a beautiful day, but you’re still chained to your desk. Take the edge off here:

What We’re Watching Right Now

On this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” host Scarlett Johansson took on sexism in superhero films with a parody of a Black Widow rom com. 

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

John Oliver takes on standardized testing—and while we’ve made it through the rounds, we can’t help but agree with him. 

What We’re Watching Tonight 

Kurt Cobain: A Montage of Heck,” the long-awaited deep dive into Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s troubled life finally premieres on HBO tonight (9 EST). Featuring never-before-heard recordings and unseen artwork, it’s a poignant and comprehensive look at one of the most fascinating figures in music. Read through our chat with director Brett Morgan before tuning in.

Photos by Brett Morgen/courtesy of HBO