What We’re Watching Today: Season 26 of The Amazing Race is One Big, Bad Blind Date

And a fond farewell to Parks and Recreation (the last one, we promise). 

It’s Wednesday, and by now our week has settled into reliable monotony — much like this Vine of a dog playing cowbell

What We’re Watching Right Now

After the series finale last night, the Parks and Recreation cast went on Late Night with Seth Meyers to pay a proper farewell to the show: A cast-wide sing along to “Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian.” (Look out for some hot and heavy action between April and Jerry.)

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

Christina Aguilera does a solid Britney Spears impression that our ’90s selves can’t get enough of. 

What We’re Watching Tonight 

The Amazing Race is somehow on its 26th season (were we ever so young?). The hook this time around is that all the competing teams are couples, half of whom are meeting for the first time to compete in the show. Worst blind date ever. 

Photos by ABC