What We’re Watching Today: Wake Up With a New Batman v Superman Trailer

Plus a lunch break with John Oliver and a Lifetime show tonight (trust us on that one).

What We’re Watching Right Now

Comic-Con gave us a bevy of trailer delights (more to come soon), but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the few clear ones legitimately uploaded to YouTube. It’s a great glimpse at more footage but, then again, it doesn’t answer our biggest question: Why can’t everyone just get along?

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

One of our favorite ways to spend our Monday lunch breaks is watching whatever wisdom John Oliver spouted on Last Week Tonight on Sunday night. This week, he took on how cities spend public money and privately owned stadiums, and municipal bonds have never sounded so fascinating.

What We’re Watching Tonight

Yes, we’re about to tell you to watch Lifetime, but stay with us here.UnReal is a deliciously dark look at the inner mechanisms of making a reality TV show, and it’s—dare we say it—way more sinister (and interesting) than any reality show we’ve ever watched (Lifetime, 10 EST).