What We’re Watching Today: “Wayward Pines” Creeps Onto TV

Plus Robert De Niro as an intern, and Earl Sweatshirt on late night. 

It’s a beautiful spring day and you, my friend, are stuck in your office all day. Here’s how to get through it: 

What We’re Watching Right Now

The latest Bob De Niro movie, “The Intern,” puts him in the role of Anne Hathaway’s intern, and totally kills my screenplay idea for “Dad Intern.”

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

Earl Sweatshirt hit up Jimmy Kimmel to perform a few tracks from his latest album “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside.” Watch him do “Huey” and “Grief” below, and click here for a video of his performance of “Kaleidoscope.”


What We’re Watching Tonight

“Wayward Pines,” the miniseries that wants to be “Twin Peaks,” comes to Fox (9 EST). It’s enticingly creepy, and the best thing about miniseries is that you don’t need to devote several seasons’ worth of viewing time to get to a satisfying conclusion.