What We’re Watching Today: We’re Getting Caught Up on Big Time in Hollywood, FL

And Jurassic World (sans dinosaurs) plus Julia Louis-Dreyfus making very important decisions.

It’s spring but the weather is still a garbage hole so let’s just watch TV.

What We’re Watching Right Now

Jimmy Fallon played “Would You Rather” with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and she is, as always, a true delight.

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

The first full clip from Jurassic World doesn’t give us much in the way of dinosaurs, opting instead for Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard face time. (Speaking of her, did you take our Bryce Dallas Howard or Jessica Chastain quiz yet?)


What We’re Watching Tonight

We’re watching the hilarious Big Time in

Hollywood, FL
  Get caught up on the hilarious Ben Stiller-produced show before next Wednesday’s episode (Comedy Central, 10:30 EST) which stars Cuba Gooding Jr.

At 10 EST, The Comedians, starring Billy Crystal and Josh Gad premieres on FX. It’s a good warm-up for when surrealist dark comedy Louiereturns for its fifth season on FX at 10:30 EST.