What We’re Watching Today: Will Ferrell Plays Every Baseball Position in Ferrell Takes the Field

Plus a trailer for yet another Steve Jobs movie, and Ponzi schemes galore on Another Period.

What We’re Watching Right Now

There’s no way we’re not watching something billed as “10 teams. 10 positions. One Will Ferrell.” The first trailer for Ferrell Takes the Field, the HBO special in which Ferrell suits up and plays ball, dropped yesterday. This stunt wasn’t explicitly done for laughs: According to /FILM it’s a tribute to Bert “Campy” Campaneris, a Kansas City Athletics player who played all nine positions against the California Angels in 1965, and a bid to raise awareness for organizations like Cancer for College.  Catch him in fully glory on September 12th.

What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

We got Jobs on Jobs on Jobs this fall. Aside from the fictional Steve Jobs movie, called, duh, Steve Jobs(with Michael Fassbender in the titular role), master documentarian Alex Gibney is taking a deep dive into Job’s life this September with Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. Man, the word Jobs looks weird when you type it this many times. 

What We’re Watching Tonight

The ladies ofAnother Period may fall for a Ponzi scheme tonight. Lillian, no! It’s a trap! (Comedy Central, 10:30 EST).