What We’re Watching Today: The World’s Strongest Viking, Broad City’s Funniest Episode Yet

Plus a sneak peek at Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut. 

You know what day it is. Let’s move on. 

What We’re Watching Now

The trailer for Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River, dropped yesterday afternoon. It brings us to an eerie dystopia with a demented sheen (and Christina Hendricks).

It looks intriguing enough, but critical reception after Cannes was not so kind — sounds like Gosling’s up Lost River without a paddle.


What We’re Watching Later When We’re Bored

Hafthór Björnsson (Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane onGame of Thrones), recently broke a record set some 1,000 years ago in Icelandic sagas. The 6’9”, 419 pound strongman and actor carried a 1,250 pound log 5 steps in the World’s Strongest Viking competition. Still feel like skipping the gym today?

What We’re Watching Tonight

If you’re not following Broad City, the adventures of our favorite horny, pot-smoking comedic duo, then get on that. Abbi and Ilana traipsing around the wasteland of postgrad New York consistently make for the funniest television every week, and tonight’s episode is no exception. Ilana’s equally hilarious mom is town, Abbi has to deal with a surprising request in the bedroom, and hijinks ensue.

Get warmed up with one of our favorite clips from last episode: