What We’re Watching This Week: Jessica Button, Paul Rudd, and Tony Romo

Playoff football is going to get serious, but not nearly as serious as Liam Neeson.


CNBC is more of an in-office indulgence, but we’ll be bringing it home to see what happens when a television network – the most inherently conservative sort of media organization – goes deep on pot. Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom is Harry Smith (and his bosses’) attempt to take an overarching look at the effect of legalization on Colorado. It’s an issue that can be hard to observe through the fog of our own bias, so we’re excited to see how Smith couches the haywire economic growth of an industry’s birth. This is the beginning of the end of the debate.

And we’ll probably take a look at Jessica Michibata. It’s impressive to see Jenson Button, who just married her, winning in the offseason. Lots of “cute as a…” jokes to be made here.

on Dec 12, 2014 at 4:51pm PST



The nerd world is going to go into paroxysms on Tuesday as Marvel releases the first trailer for Ant-Man, that movie that’s going to make Paul Rudd stupid rich. So far, the studio of the moment has only released an infuriating ant-sized tease. We’ll be bumped to see the Formicidae up close.

It will be a solid day for the real life Iron Man as well.



is set to launch a ship designed to forever alter the nature of spaceflight that features reusable rockets. Just another


for Musk.


Speaking of space, the green comet “Lovejoy” will be streaking across the heavens above New York. Sounds like an excuse to ask that lady from the New Year’s Eve party to hang out. Heavenly bodies and all that. 

Oh, and Nokia will be quietly releasing a tablet manufactured by Foxconn (of working with Apple fame) that could make a serious grab for market share. And by quietly, we mean very loudly, but only in Asia.


Future Islands spent the last few years knocking on the door. Over the last six months, they’ve let themselves in, kicked back and started enjoying stardom. They’re hitting Terminal Five in Manhattan. It’s one of those shows that people look back on and say, “That was the show.” Sure, they’re famous, but they’re not ubiquitous. That’s about to change.



Remember when

those Albanian guys took Liam



? Super bad call. So was taking his ex-wife and ruining his vacation. Now they’ve gone one step farther and actually killed his former old lady. It’s a terrible situation, but it’s also an opportunity to use that very particular set of skills. 

The catch line for Taken 3 is “It Ends Here.” We suspect that it won’t – those movies make a mint – but we’re down for another installment anyway. Maybe we’ll watch Ethan Frome beforehand and really rock the double feature.


Playoff football has finally arrived and we can’t wait to ignore the

Cardinals v. Panthers game

. The Panthers deserve to be in the playoffs like the Harbaugh boys deserve to give a charm school valedictory. No matter: The Cowboys are going to face off against the Detroit Lions in what may seem like a David & Goliath matchup. It has all the elements we look for in a big game: Two of the biggest surprises in the postseason field and two quarterbacks whose fans have very high expectations. Is MAtt Stafford a gamer? Can Tony Romo


outperform expectations in the playoffs? Mysteries abound…

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