What We’re Watching This Week: Santabomb, Peyton Manning, and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be stuck in an airport.


The Broncos post-season hopes are on the shoulders of Peyton Manning. Historically, that’s a pretty great place to put a team’s hopes, but Manning is getting older and it’s unclear if his rotator cuffs are still up to the task. If he can’t hit any of his receivers downfield against a good-not-great Bengals secondary, the writing may be on the wall. Then again, this is Peyton so it might not be.

The Winter Solstice was on Sunday, so we’re also looking forward to a shorter (by several seconds!) night. 


A significant portion of American men will spend the 23rd hunting for last-minute gifts. We’d like to say we’re better than that, but – let’s be honest – the holiday sneaks up on red velvet-covered feet. One last minute idea: Do You Green lingerie. These sexy ensembles are made from recycled pine trees, making them seasonally appropriate (if awkward to present in familial company).

We’ll also be checking the progress of “SantaBomb,” the storm about to beset the East Coast and leave travelers across the country stranded. Will it be diffused by an Arctic blast or will it freeze New York – and with it JFK International and aviation generally. We’ll be tuned in.


As it always does, “It’s a Wonderful Life” will air on NBC as families bundle up for a long winter nap. Will we watch it again this year? Absolutely. But we’ll be watching it with an eggnog cocktail in hand and playing the following drinking game:

George Bailey Drinking Game:

1) Drink when a member of the Bailey family completely screws George over.

2) Drink through the entire post-dance singing sequence (because it’s awful).

3) Drink every time Clarence the angel speaks to heavenly bodies.

4) Drink whenever there is homoerotic tension between Burt the cop and Ernie the cab driver.


We’ll be watching over our families. And those of us of the Hebrew persuasion will be watching a movie, probablyUnbroken.


The day after Christmas is for eating leftovers, watching bad NBA games (76ers v. Trailblazers, Nets v. Celtics) and quietly answering work emails. Look for after-Christmas deals if you must, but we’d advise against it. Ironically, there are no boxing matches of note.


When was the last time you watched a hockey game from start to finish? There’s no time like when you’re stuck in an airport bar waiting for a flight delayed by the last lashes of the SantaBomb. Better to root for a Devils win than an on-time departure: Only one of those things has a chance of happening.

Photos by Facebook.com/doyougreenparis