What We’re Watching This Week: TV on the Radio, ‘Happy Valley,’ and Angels

Our money is on Pacquiao.

Monday 17

After Kim Kardashian and Paper Magazine broke the internet last week. A celebration ensued and, out of professionally courtesy we’ll be helping the editors of the downtown monthly dry out after the celebrations. It’s not going to be a pretty scene – watching a professional writer yell about newsstand sales never in a karaoke bar never is – but it’s understandable. These have been lean year and a bit of well-shaped bulk has made all the difference.

We hope to be home in time to not watch Monday Night Football, which has been uniformly terrible this season. We’d rather watch Matlock reruns. They’re less predictable.


TV on the Radio, one of the most relentlessly excellent bands in America, is dropping their new album on the 18 and performing at The Apollo. We’ll cheer them on by singing along to the old stuff and waving our freshly purchased copies of “Grand Theft Auto: V” in the air like we just don’t care.

Just to be clear though, we care enormously.


Victoria Secret’s Angels are preparing for next months big lingerie show and they’re documenting said preparations on Instagram. Pretty hard to ignore that. If it was up to us, the retail kings of underthings would take it a step further and film a sort of “Last Waltz”-documentary about the whole process. What’s Marty up to?


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Nov 11, 2014 at 6:42am PST


The big number for Oakland is 19. That’s the franchises’s consecutive loss record and the only record the Bay Area’s worst team is likely to break. The game against K.C. will be lopsided and the crowd will be sparse, but that’s not the point any more. The point is to see what a group of mediocre, injury-prone, poorly coached athletes can achieve when they work together. In all likelihood: nothing.


Speaking of football and abject failure, “Happy Valley,” the first feature-length documentary about the Jerry Sandusky scandal and the future of Penn State’s football program arrives in theaters (outside of State College) on Friday. Think of it as the perfect date movie: Whatever you’ve to anger your girlfriend will pale in comparison to complete moral blindness – unless she’s a Nittany Lion fan, in which case you should consider your options.


Huge sports weekend. Get money down early on the Pacquiao v. Algiera bout then strap in for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Football can wait for Thanksgiving.