What We’re Watching This Week: Winter Storm Juno, the new McLaren, and Super Bowl XLIX

The Patriots are probably pretty pumped to be in Arizona right about now.


We were pretty ambivalent about Juno when it came out in 2007 and we’re guessing Winter Storm Juno, pregnant with snow and blustery as all get out, isn’t going to be any better. It’s not so much the shutdown of the Northeast Corridor – watching New Yorkers go into paroxysms over a few inches never stops being funny – but the effect those delays at JFK have on the rest of the country. If it gets bad, it’s going to get bad for everyone. Ten bucks says the backend engineers at Netflix are already working double shifts.


Here’s the thing: We didn’t think it would be good. Marvel’s Agent Carter felt like a time slot land grab when it was announced a year and a half ago. “Here’s a show about a love interest!” wasn’t enough of a pitch to blow our skirt up so we ignored the whole thing and moved on with our Hayley Atwell-less lives. We were wrong. The show is actually pretty great. It’s not Shakespeare in the Park or even Shakespeare in a Parking Lot, but it’s engaging and Atwell is a talent. 

on Jun 16, 2014 at 5:57am PDT


And the Warriors are having a Manute Bol Bobblehead Night. Just saying.


Not everyone likes Lindsey Vonn. Not everyone is into skiing. Well, skaters gonna skate, but we’re all about the downhill and excited to see “The Climb,” the documentary about Vonn’s recovery from injury and return to form. Ultimately, she’s the type of American athlete we love to root for, which is to say that she’s the type of athlete (beautiful, tough, confident) the world loves to root against.



 will launch its new car – to the delight of Jenson Button – on the 29th, setting off a cycle of rumors about the next F1 season. Will the MP4-30 be powerful enough to stir up fear among the ranks? Keep on eye on Abu Dhabi to find out. 

And here’s a strange one: A murder mystery show starring Stanley “The Tooch” Tucci and Michael “Dumbledore” Gambon will debut on the Pivot network, which is apparently a network that exists. The show, called 


, is set in Svalbard, Norway and looks fantastic – probably the best thing Pivot has aired to date.


The words “Kevin Costner Movie” probably don’t send you racing to Fandango, but “Black or White,” which debuts on the 30th, is interesting for other reasons. Well, one other reason: 

Anthony Mackie

. The movie, which is about race and love and fatherhood and stuff, looks a bit saccharine and we’re not really sure why Mackie is in it. That’s why we’re hoping for good reviews so Mackie can get the sort of movie star gig he deserves. He absolutely crushed 

Pain & Gain

 and will have a supporting role next to Wahlberg in J.C. Chandor’s 



, but he deserve’s more than Marky Mark’s coattails.


There’s apparently 

a football game being played on Sunday

. Here’s the question: Would you rather have seats at midfield or a ticket to the 


 Super Bowl Party? Thought so.