What We’re Watching This Weekend: Dope is Dope

This is the quintessential summer movie.

What We’re Watching Tonight

Dope, the coming-of-age story starring Shameik Moore, Zoë Kravitz, Chanel Iman, Blake Anderson, and A$AP Rocky, is definitely the most fun movie you’ll see this year. Pulsating with nineties hip hop energy, this is not one to miss.

What We’re Watching on Saturday

We never thought we’d recommend watching a Lifetime movie, but when comedic powerhouses Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell team up for one, we’re so in. A Deadly Adoption is a melodramatic spoof on the quintessential Lifetime movie. We can’t quite tell if it’ll be funny or just weird and sad, but we’re taking our chances (Lifetime, 8 EST).

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What We’re Watching on Sunday

True Detective Season 2, after countless months of memes, is finally here. And it’s followed by Ballers, the new series starring the universally loved Dwayne Johnson (HBO, 9 EST and 10 EST, respectively). 

Photos by Photo: Open Road Films