What We’re Watching This Weekend: Jurassic World Storms Into Theaters

Plus a new season of Orange is the New Black and more basketball.

What We’re Watching Today

Jurassic World finally storms into theaters today, and as the official Maxim review revealed, we’ve got one thing to look forward to: Big. Fucking. Dinosaurs. 

What We’re Watching on Saturday

Netflix dropped Orange Is the New Black early, so start your binge-watching this weekend. Remember, it looks like things are still crazy in women’s prison…


What We’re Watching on Sunday

The Warriors and the Cavs are all tied up, so Sunday’s game is sure to be a great one. Put the Game of Thrones on DVR for later in the night and watch this instead (ABC, 9 EST). Who knows which will be more brutal?

Photos by Photo by:Chuck Zlotnick/Universal Pictures