What We’re Watching This Weekend: Love and Mercy Shows the Darker Side of the Beach Boys

Plus the spy comedy of the year and NBA playoffs game two. 

What We’re Watching Today

Despite producing some of the chillest, sunniest music of all time, Beach Boys’ frontman had a troubled life. Love and Mercy, the film about all of that, starring Paul Dano as young Wilson and John Cusack as old Wilson, is out today.

What We’re Watching on Saturday

Starring the hilarious Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne as her nemesis, Spy looks like the funniest spy comedy since a little thing called Austin Powers

What We’re Watching on Sunday

Resident basketball guru Max Rivlin-Nadler says:”For the first 45 minutes of Game 1, basketball fans were shown the promise that this finals series has for being an incredibly exciting one. Unfortunately, the last eight minutes proved its faults—that LeBron James simply can’t match up against an insanely deep Warriors team. As Kyrie Irving headed to the locker room with the seconds winding down, it became all to clear that this will be a one man battle against an almost insurmountable foe. Game 2 will show if LeBron is more than just a man, but a legend (TNT, 8 EST).”