What We’re Watching This Weekend: From “Mad Max” to “Mad Men”

And Louis C.K. on “SNL” in between. 

This weekend is bookmarked by madness, and we’re all for it. 

What We’re Watching Tonight

Mad Max: Fury Road” is finally hurtling into theaters and it is a remarkable piece of action filmmaking. Take our word for it, and you know, nearly every other critic’s.


What We’re Watching on Saturday

Louis C.K. is hosting the “Saturday Night Live” season finale with musical guest Rihanna. And he’s trying to get some rumors started about the two of them in this promo:

What We’re Watching on Sunday

Can it really be the end? “Mad Men” wraps up a spectacular run this Sunday night (AMC, 10 EST). While you wait, read over the Maxim staff’s finale predictions

Photos by Jasin Boland