What We’re Watching This Weekend: “Orphan Black” Is Back

We’re also keeping busy with a full Sunday night of HBO goodness. 

It’s bound to be a beautiful spring weekend, so here’s what we’re doing indoors. 

What We’re Watching Today

A super low-rent leak of the “Batman v. Superman” trailer leaked, so we’re just watching it on repeat until our eyes glaze over.

What We’re Watching on Saturday

Season 3 of BBC America’s masterful sci-fi show about cloning, “Orphan Black,” starts on Saturday night. This time around, they’re throwing male clones into the mix, and they don’t get along so well. (BBC America, 9 EST)

What We’re Watching on Sunday

HBO Sunday nights are strong once again, with “Game of Thrones” on at 9 EST, and “Veep” at 10:30 EST giving us a taste of politics both domestically and in Westeros.